About The Line

There was once a time when nobility was about little more than a name, when heritage mattered more than principle. It was a time of bloodlines and heirs, a time when prestige and honor were restricted to the royal few.

We were taught that heritage defined behavior, that somehow, it determined your thoughts and revealed your character. We allowed people to convince us that nobility was summed up by the letters of your last name. We believed that if we weren't royalty, that meant our thoughts, our voice, our opinions, were restricted.

But we are changing that. We are rethinking that. We are committing every decision we make to a higher standard of excellence. We do not turn from what we believe is right, good and noble, we become it.

From the ground up we build our empire, and from the streets our moves are made, uniting dreamers and calling upon the movers and shakers from coast to coast. Our faith cannot be broken because we don't play the game, we change it. Believing in impossibilities changes realities.
We believe nobility isn't something money can buy and it's not something your genes determine. Nobility is a series of choices, ones you make everyday. The power of nobility is not guaranteed to a few, it is a mindset. Your passions define it, and your determination ensures it. The only heritage expected is the one you inspire in others, the raw passion you ignite and the courage you instill. This time the only bloodline that matters is the one you leave on the pavement... And this time around, the lineage you leave starts with the mark you make.

Everyone can, but not everyone will. If it were easier they might. But we know you wouldn't have it any other way. And for you we exist. For those of you taking the road less traveled and running to tell the world what you saw. Every morning you wake up with a thought for something better and every evening you silence those who didn't want to believe. You are Everyday Noble, and together, we are redefining royalty.