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Everyday Noble Clothing Backs Bike of America Racing
Upstart streetwear brand to sponsor dynamic team of riders.

Kansas City, MO - Having recently made its public foray into Motocross, Everyday Noble Clothing is now expanding its presence into Cyclocross, mountain and road racing by backing the highly successful Bike of America Racing Team from Kansas City, Missouri.

Already an established name in several racing circles, Bike of America has been a force to be reckoned with since 1978. More recently, the team has gained notoriety from a slew of huge wins, including Rick Krepps’s first place finish in the Boss Cross Series, the longest running Cyclocross series in the Kansas City area. Longtime rider Shari Krepps then dominated both the Spring Fling and the Woo Hoo Time Trials, while 22-year old Stephanie Lamb finished first at the Capital Cup, 360 Cup and the Boulevard Cup.

Looking to connect with like-minded individuals leaving their mark on the world in new and exciting ways, Josh Reed, founder of Everyday Noble Clothing, found a perfect match in the Bike of America Racing Team. “When we launched our brand in February, we were drawn to the transformative power of passion and determination. With the racing team at Bike of America, you’ve got a legacy of blood, sweat and tears that dates back almost 35 years,” says Reed.

“And when you look at a rider like Stephanie Lamb, you’ve got fresh, young talent to carry that torch forward. For an up-and-coming brand like ours, that lineage of success and hard work really spoke to us.”

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Everyday Noble Clothing is a streetwear line providing hoodies, snapbacks, tees and more for today’s movers and shakers, for the dreamers that stretch from coast to coast. It’s from their unending vision that Everyday Noble Clothing’s line was inspired, and from their passion and perseverance that Everyday Noble Clothing hopes to someday hang their own legacy.

When searching for ways to expand the brand’s presence, Curt Cuscino, Principal of HypeLife Brands, Everyday Noble Clothing’s Agency of Record, notes that a partnership with the Bike of America Racing Team presented a one-of-a-kind opportunity. “Not only were we able to reach a demographic that shares our belief in building things from the ground up, in standing strong for what you believe,” Cuscino continues, “but Bike of America’s team of riders has been out there grinding for more than three decades.

“They earned their nobility the hard way. How could we not want the ENC brand to be a part of that?”

To learn more about the vision of Everyday Noble Clothing, its line of apparel and its sponsorship of the Bike of America Racing Team, visit