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Everyday Noble Clothing Motocross Team Gears Up for Big 2013
After stellar end to 2012, streetwear brand's Motocross team is looking to ride momentum into year ahead.

The Everyday Noble Clothing Motocross Team got off to a fast start in its inaugural 2012 Motocross season, and if the past is any kind of predictor of the future, 2013 promises to be a big year for the streetwear brand and its riders.

The season has yet to officially begin, and already Josh Reed, the founder and organizer of the Everyday Noble Clothing Motocross Team, is looking to the year ahead. “2012 was a big one for us, no doubt about it," says Reed. “But the thing I’ve been most impressed with is how each of our riders has already moved on to 2013. They’re looking at weaknesses to improve upon, strategizing for specific races – it’s really exciting to see.

“These guys aren’t settling. They’re back, they’re hungry, and above all, they’re humble. They’re out there every day looking to get better, and for a brand that was founded on that tireless work ethic, we couldn’t be happier.”

The team consists of brothers Aaron and Adam Gulleyof Double Vision Racing, as well as Kyle Hussey, all of whom turned pro at the age of 16 and joined Everyday Noble Clothing at the outset of 2012. All three agreed that one of the biggest takeaways from last year was getting through the year relatively healthy, which gives them the chance to start fast and focus all their energies on 2013.

“I had some pretty big falls last year,” says Hussey, “so to walk away safe and to be able to enter 2013 ready to go is great. Now it’s time to train my tail off to gear up the season.”

Although 2012 brought several strong finishes for Aaron Gulley, he agrees with Hussey about this past season. “The best part of 2012 was getting through the whole series healthy. Now I’ve got more experience, and I’m riding really well right now, so 2013 should be an exciting one for me and the ENC team.”

Everyday Noble Clothing is a streetwear brand that features a full line of hoodies, snapbacks, tees and more, and according to Adam Gulley, the brand’s humble spirit and commitment to hard work is something they each can relate to. “We all believe in Everyday Noble Clothing, and we’re proud they believe in us. As much as we each want to have big 2013’s, we want to see Everyday Noble Clothing have a big one, too.”

With the official kickoff to the 2013 Motocross season just weeks away, it’s not hard to see why the Everyday Noble Clothing Motocross Team was able to achieve success in its first year – and why there’s reason to be even more excited about its second.


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