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Everyday Noble Clothing Adds Brother Riders to Motocross Team
Aaron and Adam Gulley a perfect fit for upstart streetwear brand.

Kansas City, MO - Everyday Noble Clothing didn’t waste any time before making a splash in the Motocross world, recently adding standout brother tandem Aaron and Adam Gulley to its team.

Pro motocross riders by the age of 16, these identical twins compose the highly successful Double Vision Racing Team, having competed in the elite AMA Supercross, AMA Arenacross, and AMA Outdoor Nationals series in recent years. Since 2011, the pair has taken home the national title and runner-up spots in both Pro classes at the Branson Amateur National, the 250 Pro National Title at the Arizona Amateur Open, and the 450 and 250 Pro Class titles at the Missouri State Motocross Series.

Launched in February 2012, it was important for Everyday Noble Clothing to find riders that embodied a fresh, up-and-coming spirit. In 23-year olds Aaron and Adam Gulley, the Everyday Noble Clothing team found just that. In fact, according to its founder, Josh Reed, “We started our brand based on the idea that nobility isn’t some kind of predetermined status reserved for the few. Instead,” Reed continues, “we believe that nobility is a mindset. Something determined by your passions, by your determination."

“With Aaron and Adam, we found two riders at the top of their games that know firsthand that the only bloodline that counts is the one they leave in the dirt. And that’s what the Everyday Noble Clothing team is all about."

From hoodies to snapbacks to go-to tees, Everyday Noble Clothing knows that choosing what to wear means choosing how to live. And it’s those choices, the ones made every day, choices grounded in raw passion and primal callings to inspire, that shape the mark the Gulley brothers are leaving on this world.

It's that very sentiment that made the expansion to Motocross such an exciting and logical decision for Kansas City-based Everyday Noble Clothing. According to Curt Cuscino, Principal of HypeLife Brands, Everyday Noble Clothing’s Agency of Record, “Motocross and the Gulley brothers were no-brainers for us. Here’s this sport where riders like Aaron and Adam are out there risking their bodies each and every day just to get better; to leave their mark. And why?” Cuscino pauses. “Passion.

“To us, there’s nothing more noble than that.”

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