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Everyday Noble Clothing Motocross Team Dominates 2012
Streetwear brand's Motocross racing team looks to complete a first place sweep in the 250 and 450 Pro Classes.

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) - This year has been especially good to the three Motocross riders from the Everyday Noble Clothing Racing team; not so for their competition.

As the final race of the season approaches, rider Aaron Gulley is poised to deliver his second consecutive title in the 250 Pro Class. Meanwhile, teammate and brother, Adam Gulley, as well as the newest addition to the Everyday Noble Clothing Racing Team, Kyle Hussey, are competing with Aaron for the top spots in the 450 Pro Class. Depending on the outcome of the last race, it’s not out of the question that the three riders could finish in a three-way tie for first.

“It’s huge, plain and simple,” says founder and organizer of the Everyday Noble Clothing Racing Team, Josh Reed. “Over the years, these guys have made names for themselves because of their success in the Motocross circuit. But every year’s a new year, and there’s always fresh talent coming up through the ranks, so for these guys to be in this position at this time of year,” continues Reed, “it’s a proud day for Everyday Noble Clothing Racing.

Relatively new to the Motocross scene, the Everyday Noble Clothing Racing Team is getting an early taste of success. Like their sponsor, a streetwear brand that features a full line of hoodies, snapbacks, tees and more, the riders for Everyday Noble Clothing tout a combination of passion and work ethic as one of the key reasons for their immediate success. “I think one of the reasons Everyday Noble Clothing is such a good fit is their commitment to living each day doing something we love, to making sure we give it our all,” says reigning 250 Pro Class champion, Aaron Gully.

“I mean, just take a look at the name of their company. It’s all there. And I think it’s something Adam and Kyle and myself can really rally around.”

For Reed, the 2012 ride has been a fun one, but he’s hopeful that the journey is just getting started. “Aaron and Adam and Kyle were doing incredible things long before we got here, and it’s been our pleasure to watch them do their thing over the course of this year,” says Reed.

“If we can help them to sustain that success in the years to come, then that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” says Reed.


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